Advanced IT system for collecting, storing, analysing and distributing
readings of electricity, heat, water and gas meters.

GlobTree Platform

The GlobTree Platform is an advanced IT system for collecting, storing, analysing and distributing readings of electricity, heat, water and gas meters. Energy suppliers are often specialized companies which use a lot of information to control their network. Energy buyers have a direct impact only on the manner the energy is used, thus the number of data needed by energy buyers is smaller. Thanks to value labels, the data may be adjusted precisely to the energy buyer’s needs on a case-by-case basis. The purpose of the label is to “translate” collected data so as to make it comprehensible and useful to everyone. In such a way, each user will have an access to many helpful information, including:

  • heat consumption,
  • comparison of consumption with historical data (e.g. comparison of consumption recorded as at the end of a month in the present year with consumption in previous years),
  • detection of emergency situations (e.g. water leakage, meter damage).

Starting from today, no electricity bill will be an unpleasant surprise. The buyer will be able to trace and influence the energy consumption on his/her own both by the use of a smartphone and tablet.


Intuitive operation

When a meter is mounted in the building, its purpose is known and it must be mapped in the system by selecting a relevant label, e.g. the main heat meter.


The system uses internal communications modules or 868 MHz radio signal converters, wireless MBus OMS. Customers that need advanced system functionalities, in particular remotely controlled telemetry, will be offered with SmartOMS or data exchange with external SCADA-type systems via dedicated API (separate valuation).

Reports and reading export

The system converts collected data into defined file structures of consistent formats and delivers it to other systems, e.g. billing systems, at defined time intervals. It is possible to create various formats of reports and export the data based on individual customer requirements.

Inspection and notification functions

In each facility form, the user may enable logical alerts, i.e. define mathematical formulas which compare values or results read with a user-defined limit of a time function (small growth of volume in a water meter during consecutive 3 hours may reflect leakage in the system and information about the detection of such a growth in water meter reading will be immediately sent to the consumer). The alerts allow for fast and precise identification of failures and defects in internal installations or places that must be adjusted.

Full cooperation through reading distribution

SmartGlobe will be an interface between the energy supplier and energy buyer. Cooperation between the parties is possible thanks to the tools that provide the readings. With the use of value labels, the manner the data are made available may be tailored precisely to the buyer’s needs on a case-by-case basis.